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Project References

Margot has provided asset recovery services to a number of clients, all of which required us to leave their facilities clean. Below is a list of clients and a brief description of the asset recovery projects we successfully completed or are currently active:
  • Blue Heron Paper Mill, Pamona, CA – sale of 6.5m paper machine to China with mill clean up.

  • Buckeye Paper, Lumberton, NC – liquidation of all assets in old side of mill, which included the sale of 3.2m paper machine to Asia. Location left clean.

  • Monadnock Paper, Binghamton, NY – liquidation of all site assets, which included 2.2m duplex coating line and 2.2m calendar line. Location left clean.

  • AET, Andover, MA – liquidation of all assets, which included two 6m BOPP lines. Location left clean.

  • AET, Chicago, IL – liquidation of all assets, which included 6.5m BOPP line, two (2) 5m BOPP lines, and 2m BOPP line. Location left clean.

  • Cosmo, Chicago, IL – liquidation of all assets, which included three 2m extrusion coater laminators. Location left clean.

  • Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY – liquidation of business unit, which included large 1.3m extrusion coater laminator. Location left clean.

  • Permacel, Plainfield, NJ – liquidation of all assets at site which included five 1.6m coating lines and location left clean.

  • Permacel, Pleasant Prairie, WI – active liquidation of all assets at site, which includes two 1.6m coating lines and RTO. Location must be left clean.
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