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Liquidation: Complete Scrim-Reinforced Coating/Laminating and Slitting Operation

Margot Machinery is pleased to offer the complete manufacturing operations of a scrim-reinforced laminations producer as a complete package. This sale is for a complete Scrim-Reinforced Coating/Laminating and Slitting Operation, consisting of a Scrimaster-Faustel Coating and Laminating Line, Coating Kitchen, Catbridge Two Drum Winder and other equipment. This sale is for the complete operation and all of the equipment as a package in its entirety, and not as individual equipment.


  • 105" Scrimaster-Faustel Coater Laminator

    YouTube Video: Scrimaster-Faustel Coater Laminator In Operation


  • Coating Kitchen/Tank Farm

  • 110" Catbridge Model 210 Two Drum Winder with In-Line Perforator


Complete Scrim-Reinforced Coating/Laminating and Slitting Operation, consisting of a Scrimaster-Faustel Coating and Laminating Line, Coating Kitchen, and Catbridge Two Drum Winder. This operation is capable producing scrim-reinforced insulation facings/vapor barriers, and laminated substrates for surface protection, packaging and other laminated products. All equipment is new, tested, never put into production and are 2017 or newer. Included are the following:

  • 105” Scrimaster-Faustel Coater Laminator set up for wet bond lamination and equipped with a 48” maximum diameter Faustel model CT-DA-48 shaftless automatic turret primary unwind with splicer, Faustel-Retroflex 2-Roll Gravure Coater, 30” maximum diameter Faustel CT-DA-30 secondary shaftless automatic turret unwind with splicer, Enercon corona treater, two (2) McCoy model 12 Continuous Creels for feeding polyester and fiberglass threads, 106” Scrimaster model 12034 in-line scrim weaving machine, lamination nip, high capacity drying system with three (3) 120” face x 72” diameter double-shelled and spiral baffled oil heated dryer rolls and three (3) Global Technologies Radial Air Cap Dryers, 48” maximum diameter Faustel model CT-42-48 automatic shafted/shaftless turret rewind with splicer, Allen-Bradley Drives and Controls.

  • Coating kitchen/tank farm with two (2) 7,500 gallon bulk tanks, (1) 1,000 gallon mix tank with Cowles high shear mixer and Mettler Toledo scale system, 2,000 gallon latex holding tank, 250 gallon run tank, 250 gallon CMC mix tank, 250 gallon Kemguard tank, 12,000 gallon waste water tank, two (2) 2,000 lb. bulk super sack unloading units, two (2) Spirowflow spiral auger systems, loop pumps, transfer pumps, Sweco MX60 200 mesh screen, Chain-vey system, Allen-Bradley Drives and Controls.

  • 110” Catbridge Model 210 Two Drum Winder (2018) equipped with 48” maximum diameter shaftless roll lift unwind, Fife edge guiding, pin perforator system, score slitting on front drum with replaceable- hardened sleeves, plasma coated rear drum, 48” maximum diameter shafted rewind with pneumatically loaded rider roll, roll ejector, roll lowering table, Allen-Bradley Drives and Controls.
  • Includes all available spare parts, manuals, drawings and software. Rigging and Loading by Buyer.

    Note: Final sale price is subject to a 10% Buyer's Premium.

    TO REQUEST A QUOTE, additional photos and a more detailed description of this operation and the equipment being sold, please contact us at (518) 346-6379, or email us at

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