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Used Sung An Machinery   Coater Laminator

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Machinery Category

Coater Laminators

Reference #



Sung An Machinery



Web Width:

30 in

Coater Type:

See Notes

Unwind Type:


Unwind Maximum Diameter:

30 in

Rewind Type:


Rewind Maximum Diameter:

30 in



In Operation:


Notes: Used Sung An Machinery (SAM) coater laminator with an Anguil RTO for operation in clean room environment. Coater laminator is designed for 6" - 30" web width, 3 - 110 FPM, 15 FPM thread speed, 5 - 80 lbs. tension range, 5 - 150 lbs. on secondary unwind. The coater laminator is equipped with 30" maximum diameter primary turret unwind with 3" & 6" air shafts, regenerative drives, dual direction manual splice; 1.5 kW Enercon corona treater; S-wrap pull roll; two web cleaners; cartridge coating head with four (4) trolleys consisting of dual Mayer rod trolley, slot die trolley, 2 roll gravure trolley, knife over roll trolley; vacuum pull roll assembly; 24 feet 6 zone flotation dryer with Pagendarm Vac-U-Tex nozzles in the entire dryer bottom, zone 1 top nozzles are open design co-current airflow, zone 2 top nozzles are open design counter current airflow, zones 3 &4 are direct impingement, all stainless nozzles are plasma coated for 590 F (310 C), gas burner for each zone, seven (7) LEL sensors in each zone; 14" Glenro 20 kW IR heater box; Landsco inspection light; 30" maximum diameter secondary turret unwind with 3" & 6" air shafts, regenerative drives, dual direction manual splice; laminator section with 10" diameter heated, spiral fluted chrome plated roll & 8" diameter hi-release silicone rubber covered nip roll for up to 150 psi, Sterlco unit, S-wrap chill roll section; razor edge trimming section with trim nozzles; 30" maximum diameter shafted turret rewind for gap or contact winding, 3" air shafts with 6" adapters, dual direction automatic roll changer; 18" maximum diameter portable scrap winder with 3" air shaft; all motors are AC vector with explosion proof motors on coating trolleys; Siemens PLCs and HMIs, Siemens AC vector motors, Parker 890 AC drives, Profibus network, ethernet remote access diagnostics, Wonderware software, 415/3/50. Anguil Model 75 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer for obtaining 98% volatile organic compound destruction efficienncy. Designed for operation with SAM coater laminator with process flow from 2,000 - 6,000 SCFM (typical 4,000 SCFM); 194 F - 356 F (90 C - 180 C) process temperature; 6 lb/hr - 50 lb/hr max without bypass or 300 lb/hr with bypass VOC concentration; VOCs are toluene, MEK, ethyl acetate, IPA, trace amounts of heptane; installed burner capacity is natural gas at 2-5 psig; 80 - 100 psig compressed air required, 415/3/50. *** Note: The Final Sale Price Is Subject To A 13% Buyer's Premium ***

Used Sung An Machinery   Coater Laminator
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