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Used Unwinds And Rewinds

Margot deals in a wide range of used unwinds and rewinds. We buy and sell used dual position unwinds, reel spool unwinds, single position unwinds, turret unwinds, dual position rewinds, duplex turret rewinds, single position rewinds, surface rewinds, turret rewinds, as well as accumulators, and other unwind and rewind machinery and equipment.

Margot regularly stocks used unwinds and rewinds from top name manufacturers such as Arrow, Black Clawson, Butler, Cameron, Cerutti, Clark Aiken, Dusenbery, Egan, Gloucester, Hamilton, Hobbs, Inta Roto, Kampf, Kronert, Martin, Moore & White, Parkinson, Rotostar, Sano, Sterling, Waldron, Worldwide, and others.We frequently have custom unwind and rewind machinery in stock as well.

Use the menu on the right to view the type of used unwinds and rewinds you are looking for. If you are unsure of what you need, our experienced staff can help you to determine the right machine for your specific application. Give us a call today at (518) 346-6379.

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